4-year-old birthday party

I love a theme.  I have fun brainstorming and trying to be creative.  (When I have the energy.  Unfortunately, Abram’s birthday came just two days after a tiring week of single parenting and I couldn’t fully get into it.)  Abram and I talked about what he would like and we “landed” on one of his favorite books:  Man on the Moon:  A Day in the Life of Bob by Simon Bartram.  We love the drawings – especially the ALIENS!!

So, I made three batches of alien cupcakes – for Hesston Childcare on Thursday, New Creation Preschool on Friday and his birthday party on Saturday!

Abram invited families that are like surrogate aunties, uncles and cousins as well as both of his preschool teachers!  Look at these aliens!

This cake did NOT turn out like I’d hoped, but I was able to just let it go.


And great goodness, there were presents!

This is a very happy four-year-old.

6 thoughts on “4-year-old birthday party

  1. I so wished I could have been there! Karin, it looks like everything turned out great! Tell Abram a Super happy birthday from me and I hope he enjoys the john deer stuff!

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